College Houses and Academic Services – MERT meets with college house resident advisors and graduate associates before NSO, Fling, and other large events to ensure the safety of members of the college house community.

Counseling and Psychological Services – CAPS provides professional, confidential services to students free of charge. Services include workshops, individual and group therapy, psychological testing, and crisis interventions. MERT members receive additional training by a member of CAPs on how to effectively respond to a psychiatric emergency. All members are also aware of how to command additional resources on such calls.

Penn’s Division of Public Safety – The Division of Public Safety (DPS) has been a valued MERT partner – its support for MERT was instrumental in the organization’s founding. We continue to meet with DPS members to update our operations and prepare for MERT’s coverage in major university events. In daily operations, all calls to MERT are dispatched through PennComm, and DPS officers ensure the safety of EMTs, patients, and bystanders on-location. Additionally, we partner with DPS in organizing our annual Mass Casualty Incident Drill and attend the bi-annual DPS Commendation Ceremonies.

Fox Leadership 
Fox Leadership has generously supported MERT ever since its formation in 2007. By providing funding as well as professional support, Fox Leadership helps to ensure that MERT continues to succeed on Penn’s campus.

National Collegiate Emergency Medical Service Foundation – MERT is a member of NCEMSF and participates in its annual conference. NCEMSF provides our organization with updates and opportunities regarding campus EMS. At the annual conference, members have the opportunity to learn about developments in EMS, practice in hands-on workshops, and network with fellow providers. MERT has won several awards through the Foundation. LINK TO AWARDS

The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Initiatives – MERT works closely with the Penn Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Initiatives to present to various groups including incoming freshmen and resident advisors.

Philadelphia EMS Council – The Philadelphia EMS Council is MERT’s regional overseer. All members certified through MERT’s EMT class also have their license under the Philadelphia district. Prior to beginning shifts, our EMTs are certified in four additional modules: Bloodbourne Pathogens, Epi Pen usage, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and BLS Updates.

Philadelphia Fire Department – PFD is the city’s major resource for fire and medical emergencies. PFD is simultaneously dispatched on MERT calls and will transport a patient if necessary. MERT has partnered with PFD in running our Mass Casualty Incident Drill, and we’ve participated as volunteers in PFD’s drills. Additionally, PFD members have spoken at MERT general body meetings.

Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corp Volunteer Network – The Philadelphia MRC is comprised of volunteers who will respond to a public health emergency, which can include disease outbreak, natural disaster, or multi-injury accident. MERT recruits from the Corp to volunteer as victims in our Mass Casualty Incident Drill.

Student Health Services – MERT’s clinical actions are overseen by a physician at SHS. Monthly meetings are held to review MERT’s response to medical calls and ensure that we deliver high-quality care. All patients who refuse transport to a hospital can also elect to receive a follow-up call from SHS.

Undergraduate Assembly – The UA is responsible for improving undergraduate life at Penn via service, funding, and advocacy for students. All UA members are elected into office. Each year, MERT liasons with its specific UA representative, who provides the organization with information on activity fairs and budgeting. The UA has been a major sponsor of MERT since MERT’s founding.

Vice Provost for University Life – VPUL is Penn umbrella organization which spearheads student services and access to resources. MERT is affiliated with several VPUL centers, including Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Health Services. VPUL has been generous in its support of MERT, which helps us to continue providing emergency medical services to the Penn community.

Women’s Health – MERT EMTs are trained by members of the Penn Women’s Center in how to professionally handle sexual assault cases on calls. Our members are aware of actions to take on-scene and external resources.