As a MERT member, you will have a host of opportunities to practice clinical skills, take on leadership roles, and join a community of great people. In order to be a member, MERT requires that you have a valid American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider or American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer card and a certification of EMT Basic or higher in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

There are three possible scenarios before joining:

“I am certified as an EMT in Pennsylvania” – If you are a current EMT in PA, your credentials will be valid given that your EMT card has not yet expired. Please submit your application using our online form here, and email with any questions. Afterward, our Membership Officer will contact you to schedule an interview with the MERT executive board.

“I am certified as an EMT, but not in Pennsylvania” – To practice as an EMT in Pennsylvania, you will need to obtain reciprocity. You should contact the Philadelphia EMS Regional Council to request a reciprocity packet be sent to you. The EMS Council can be reached at 215-685-4216 during business hours (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM). Along with the reciprocity packet, you will now need a letter of intent to hire from MERT. Before MERT can provide you with this letter, and various requisite signatures, you will need to interview with the MERT Executive Board. Please submit your application on this website. Our Membership Officer will then be in touch to schedule your interview. Feel free to email with any questions. If you are applying for reciprocity, you can find the application here.

“I am not yet certified as an EMT” – If you are not an EMT, MERT offers on-campus EMT-certification courses each spring. Part of the application involves interviewing with the MERT executive board. If you are accepted to the MERT EMT class, you are accepted to MERT at the same time – you will not be required to re-apply for membership. Alternatively, you may get EMT-certified at an external organization and then apply for MERT membership. Please feel free to email with questions.