Executive Board

David Gordon
Ezra Brooks
Liat Greenwood
Catherine Li
Administrative Director
Emily Hancin
Training Officer
John Filosa
Internal Technology Officer
Gaby Ramirez
Disaster Response Team Officer
Hannah Cho
Social Coordinator
Susan Chor
Community Relations Officer
Taylor Valerio
Bicycle Engineer
Eric Teichner
Athletics Coordinator
Dominic Gregorio
CPR Coordinator
Jai Patel
Equipment Officer
Casey Krickus
Membership Officer
Donavon Sandoval-Heglund
Dr. Alvin Wang
Medical Director
Alvin Wang, DO FAAEM NRP is an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the medical director for the University of Pennsylvania MERT and the University of Pennsylvania Police Department. Dr. Wang has had a long-standing interest in EMS beginning at the age of 16 with his certification as an EMT. While attending Penn State University, Dr. Wang worked with Penn State EMS and rose to the level of training officer in the department. After graduating with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and completing his paramedic training, he attended medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Throughout his medical education and residency, Dr. Wang worked on a part-time basis as a ground paramedic for various 911-agencies and as a critical-care flight paramedic.

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