MERT Board

A subgroup of MERT members occupy a variety of different positions which help MERT run, grow, and improve 

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As Chief, Andrew (‘21) oversees MERT's Board, represents MERT to external parties, and manages MERT's long-term goals and projects. Andrew studies Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Neurobiology. Outside of MERT, he enjoys cooking, going on runs when he isn't being lazy, being lazy, and adding to his already amazing Spotify playlists.

Chief: Andrew Lam

As Captain of MERT, David (‘21) oversees daily operations, exposure control, and interagency events. David studies bioengineering and health care management. He likes watching movies, eating tacos, and long walks on the beach. David hopes to become an emergency physician.

Captain: David Alanis Garza

As Quality Assurance Lieutenant, David (‘21) reviews every call MERT receives and ensures members are continuously providing the best possible assessments, treatments, and documentation per Pennsylvania EMS protocol. He also advocates for expanding MERT’s scope of practice and helps clinically advance MERT’s members. David is studying Bioengineering. Outside of MERT, he is probably eating, sleeping or on twitter.

Quality Assurance Lieutenant: David Bartolome

As Administrative Director, Adam (‘21) oversees MERT's budget and other administrative aspects of MERT. He is studying Bioengineering and Biology. Outside of MERT, Adam enjoys flying RC planes with Penn Aerospace Club, tossing a frisbee, and riding his RipStik.

Administrative Director: Adam Richter

As Training Lieutenant, Sarah ('21) oversees MERT's weekly GBM trainings and clinical EMT skills, identifies and prepares members for advancement, and holds MERT members to our high standards of clinical competency. Sarah is majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry. Outside of MERT, she can be found watching the sunrise from a rooftop or searching for cute dogs around campus.

Training Lieutenant: Sarah Joergensen

As Equipment Officer, Jenny (‘21) oversees the equipment of MERT and ensures that every shift has the necessary supplies to offer quality medical care to the community. She also supplies the equipment for additional events such as MERT's Mass Casualty Incident drills and Spring Fling. She is studying Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology. Outside of MERT, Jenny enjoys listening to music, playing Animal Crossing and watching cute cat videos.

Equipment Officer: Jennifer Diaz

As Outreach Officer, Sammy (‘21) manages MERT's Opioid Overdose and Reversal trainings and Narcan distribution program, as well as our EMS presentations/workshops at Penn and in West Philadelphia. Samantha is studying Neuroscience and Chinese. In her spare time, she enjoys captaining Penn's figure skating team, distance running (sometimes), and drinking copious amounts of coffee at any time of day.

Outreach Officer: Samantha Steeman

As CPR Coordinator, Kaitlyn (‘21) organizes and teaches CPR/AED classes to the Penn community. Kaitlyn is studying Molecular and Cell Bio with a minor in Journalistic Writing. Outside of MERT, she is also a member of Active Minds Penn, the College Cognoscenti, and the Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority for women in STEM.

CPR Coordinator: Kaitlyn Boyle

As Information Technology Officer, Shiv (‘22) leads MERT’s data analytics committee (lovingly called ‘MERgineers’) which serves to analyze call data, maintain MERT’s website, and carry out tech-related projects to facilitate MERT’s operations. Shiv is studying Molecular and Cell Bio with a minor in Bioethics. Outside of MERT, he enjoys playing cricket, trying to learn skateboard tricks, and memorizing overplayed rap songs.

Internal Technology Officer: Shiv Ayappa

As Scheduling Officer, Mariana (‘22) creates the weekly schedule, maintains statistical data regarding members’ shifts and hours, and collaborates with other members regarding varying MERT projects. Mariana is studying Neuroscience. Outside of MERT, she enjoys recommending playlists, discovering new music, drawing, and vibing overall.

Scheduling Officer: Mariana Restrepo

As Disaster Response Team Officer, Alea (‘21) ensures that MERT members are fully prepared to respond to a mass casualty incident (MCI). She does this by organizing one MCI drill per semester for MERT members to participate in. Alea is studying Health and Societies. Outside of MERT, she is the president of Penn Symphony Orchestra and of GlobeMed. In her free time, Alea can be found listening to Pitbull with a Starbucks Strawberry Açaí Refresher with Lemonade in hand.

Disaster Response Team Officer: Alea Zone

As Standby Officer, Emily (‘22) organizes EMS presence at University sporting events and other large gatherings. Emily is studying Economics and Neuroscience, and also does psychology research and volunteer work off-campus. In her free time, Emily enjoys poorly singing show tunes and learning how to bake.

Standby Coordinator: Emily Kopp

As social coordinator, Eliza orders apparel and plans events for members in order to unify our crew. Eliza is majoring in Criminology with minors in Chemistry and Biology (‘22). Outside of MERT, Eliza can be found baking or creating art projects.

Social Coordinator: Eliza Epstein

Kelly is a junior studying neuroscience and biology. As Membership Officer, she manages MERT's recruitment process, organizes the spring EMT class, and mentors new members. In her free time, Kelly likes running, playing guitar, and rescuing stray animals.

Membership Officer: Kelly Jiang

As Bicycle Engineer, Will ('21) oversees the maintenance and upkeep of MERT's bike fleet and ensures every EMT receives adequate bike training. He is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Chemistry. Outside of MERT, Will enjoys playing drums and chess and teaching Shiv, the Internal Technology Officer, how to skateboard.

Bicycle Engineer: William Shaffer

Dr. Joshua Glick is Penn MERT's Medical Director, ensuring that the organization continues to provide high quality care to students on campus by reviewing complicated calls and ensuring protocols are up to date. He was once the Chief of Penn MERT (a very long time ago!) and now serves as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical Director: Dr. Joshua Glick