Our Team

A subgroup of MERT members occupy a variety of different positions which help MERT run, grow, and improve 

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As Chief, David '19 is responsible for MERT's external relationships with the university, managing MERT's board, and piloting special projects. If he is not in architecture, David loves the outdoors and can often be found on a run or long bike ride.

David Gordon

As Captain, Ezra is in charge of our daily operations and helps out his amazing team. When not taking shifts, he can be found reading, complaining to his friends, and discussing the intricacies of the med school admissions process.

Ezra Brooks

As Lieutenant, Jessica '18 ensures that MERT and its members provide the highest level of clinical care and manages the internal clinical advancement process. Outside of MERT, Jessica is a Bioengineering graduate student who enjoys reading and cooking.

Jessica Schwartz

As Administrative Director, Catherine '19 manages the budget, maintains members' certifications, and represents MERT in the UA Steering Committee. Catherine is a biology major who enjoys doing biomedical research, reading, and cooking.

Catherine Li
Administrative Director

As Training Officer, Emily ‘19 conducts Spring Fling and NSO Training, leads GBMs, and works closely with new members. Aside from pursuing majors in religious studies, chemistry, and biochemistry, she enjoys Philly sports and horror movies.

Emily Hancin
Training Officer

As the Equipment Officer, Jai '20 ensures that MERT has all the equipment necessary to operate and provide clinical care. Outside of MERT, Jai is a biochemistry major who enjoys reading and running.

Jai Patel
Equipment Officer

As the Outreach Officer, Susan '19 builds and maintains MERT's community relations through public service events and educational presentations. Outside MERT, Susan is a biology and EALC major who enjoys urban exploration and eating good food.

Susan Chor
Outreach Officer

As CPR Coordinator, Dominic '20 organizes the CPR and First Aid courses which MERT's AHA-certified instructors provide for students, faculty, and other University City residents. When neither performing chest compressions nor taking shift, he is typically running, eating, or imbibing Wawa coffee between naps.

Dominic Gregorio
CPR Coordinator

As Internal Tech Officer, John ’19 coordinates data and analytics and manages the website. Outside of MERT John is a biology major who enjoys running and pretending he is on the cooking show Chopped.

John Filosa
Internal Technology Officer

As Scheduling Officer, Don (Biology '19) organizes the weekly shift schedule and keeps track of monthly requirements. When not on shift (or in the lab), he enjoys running and baking.

Donovan Sandoval-Heglund
Scheduling Officer

As DRT Officer, Gaby (C’20) runs tabletop exercises and mass casualty incident drills to ensure that MERT is proficient in emergency preparedness. When not taking blood pressures (which she always gives back!), Gaby is a Biology and Health and Societies double major who loves to share dad jokes, chat over coffee, and travel abroad.

Gaby Ramirez
Disaster Response Team Officer

As Athletics Coordinator, Eric ‘20 manages all athletic and event coverage requests and acts as the primary point of contact. Outside of MERT, Eric is a Neurobiology major who enjoys smoothies and long walks on the beach.

Eric Teichner
Athletics Coordinator

As Social Coordinator, Hannah ‘20 finds and organizes a variety of social events for members when they are not on shift. Outside of MERT, Hannah majors in Biological Basis of Behavior.

Hannah Cho
Social Coordinator

As Membership Officer, Casey ’19 coordinates the spring EMT class and helps students obtain their PA EMT license. Outside of MERT, Casey is an economics major who enjoys hiking and exploring Philadelphia.

Casey Krickus
Membership Officer

As Bike Engineer, Taylor '19 repairs and maintains MERT's fleet of bikes and teaches bike classes for members. Taylor studies Biological Basis of Behavior and is a member and the Studio Recording Manager of the Quaker Notes, an a cappella group at Penn.

Taylor Valerio
Bicycle Engineer

Dr. Joshua Glick is Penn MERT's Medical Director, ensuring that the organization continues to provide high quality care to students on campus by reviewing complicated calls and ensuring protocols are up to date. He was once the Chief of Penn MERT (a very long time ago!) and now serves as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Joshua Glick
Medical Director