There are a variety of paths those interested in joining MERT can take in order to become a member and we are here to help along the way.

Requirements of members

24 hours per month on shift

All members are required to take a total of 24 hours of shifts each month. Part of these 24 hours include a minimum of one athletic shift per semester.

MCI, NSO, and Fling

In addition to weekly GBMs, MERT also holds special training events throughout the school year to prepare members to better handle more complicated events.

Weekly GBMs

Each week MERT holds general body meetings which are meant to maintain members’ competency in a variety of skills ranging from cardiac arrest to trauma.

Maintenance of certifications

Like any EMS organization, MERT members must do continuing education in order to keep both state and national EMT licenses and CPR certification.

Common PAths to Membership

Take the spring MERT EMT class

Each spring semester, MERT organizes an EMT class for incoming members. In order to be accepted into the class, those interested must interview in the fall. At the end of the class members will become licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. Check out the news page to see updates on the interview process or the EMT class.

The spring EMT class applications are closed now. The next cycle will begin in Fall 2019. 

Take an outside EMT class

If the timing of the class did not work, there are a variety of other EMT classes both in-state and out-of-state in which you can obtain an EMT license. If the class is not taken in the state of Pennsylvania, reciprocity can applied for to transfer the license from the home state to Pennsylvania.

Have an EMT license already

Awesome you already have an EMT license! If your license is in another state you need to apply for reciprocity in order to transfer your license to Pennsylvania. If your license is already in Pennsylvania simply apply to MERT and you will be contacted.

If you already have a license apply to MERT here!

Have a question? Need Help? Reach Out!

There are a variety of reasons and lists of paperwork which make the process confusing and difficult. Reach out and we can offer our expertise!