MERT Board

A subgroup of MERT members occupy a variety of different positions which help MERT run, grow, and improve 

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As Chief, Micaela (’25) oversees MERT’s Board, represents MERT to external parties, and manages MERT’s long-term goals and projects. Micaela is studying biology, biochemistry, and biophysics, with a minor in anthropology, and is submatriculating for a master’s in chemistry. In her spare time, Micaela loves to play the piano, hike along the river trail, and tinker with amateur radio.

Chief: Micaela Alpert

As Captain, Dani (‘25) oversees all of MERT’s daily operations, manages exposure control, and coordinates interagency events. Dani is on the pre med track, majoring in French and minoring in Medical Sociology. Outside of MERT Dani loves to do puzzles, eat at new restaurants, and read thriller books.

Captain: Danielle Palmer

As QA Lieutenant, Chris (‘25) works to keep MERT safe from legal liability, ensure MERT members are always striving to become best clinicians, and expand MERT’s quality of care. Chris is currently pursuing a B.S.E in Bioengineering from the School of Engineering and hopes to add on a Psychology minor. When not on shift, you can find Chris spending way to much time at Pottruck, running and biking on the river trail, or wishing for sunny days and white sand beaches instead of snow.

Quality Assurance Lieutenant: Christopher Capiola

As Administrative Director, Benita ('25) oversees MERT's budget and the administrative side of MERT's operations and event logistics. Benita is majoring in Nursing with minors in Chemistry and Nutrition Science. Outside of MERT, Benita enjoys snowboarding, cafe hopping, and baking with friends.

Administrative Director: Benita Cui

As Training Lieutenant, Bilal ('26) oversees MERT's weekly trainings and clinical EMT skills, identifies and prepares members for advancement, and holds MERT members to our high standards of clinical competency. Bilal is majoring in Neuroscience with a masters in Biology. In his free time he loves to work in his neuroimmunology lab, bake sweets, hang with friends and watch movies.

Training Lieutenant: Bilal Elfayoumi 

As Equipment Officer, Fiona ('25) oversees MERT's equipment to ensure that MERT offers high quality medical care to the community during every shift. Fiona is studying nursing, and is interested in emergency medicine and bioethics. In her free time you can find Fiona dancing, reading science fiction, and doing crossword puzzles.

Equipment Officer: Fiona Larsson

As Co-Outreach Officer, Lily (’26) coordinates initiatives promoting safety throughout the Penn community and Philadelphia at large, including CPR, Narcan, and Stop the Bleed trainings at schools, correctional facilities, and on-campus. Lily is studying Computer Science, and outside of MERT, she can be found reading, organizing, hanging out with friends.

Co-Community Outreach Officer: Lily Brenner 

As Co-Outreach Officer, Lucy (‘25) organizes initiatives promoting safety and harm prevention throughout UPenn and the surrounding Philadelphia community. Lucy is studying nursing with an interest in specializing in pediatrics. In her free time, you can find her at local coffee shops, farmer’s markets, and thrifts stores.

Co-Community Outreach Officer: Lucy Crosthwait 

As Internal Technology Officer, Julia ('25) manages MERT's technology, including website upkeep and call statistics. She also leads the MERgineers committee, which leads exciting tech-related projects to improve MERT, such as the MERT mobile app. Julia is majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry, neuroscience and healthcare management. Outside of MERT, she likes running and cooking with friends.

Internal Technology Officer: Julia Smolyak

As Scheduling Officer, Nikolai (‘26) coordinates the staffing of all shifts working with all members to ensure MERT offers maximum high-quality coverage. Nikolai is majoring in Neuroscience and outside of MERT enjoys basketweaving and Just Dance.

Scheduling Officer: Nikolai Curtis 

As DRT Officer, Mikeely ('25) organizes semesterly Mass Casualty Incident drills and blood drives, and prepares MERT members for potential disasters. She is from San Diego, CA and majors in Neuroscience. In her free time, Mikeely enjoys swimming, surfing, and finding new restaurants in Philly. In addition to MERT, Mikeely is a member of the Transfer Student Organization and We Can Swim.

Disaster Response Team Officer: Mikeely Siegel

As Standby Coordinator, Yash ('26) manages the standby requests for MERT coverage at University-wide events and Penn Recreation athletic games. Yash is studying Bioengineering and Biophysics, with a minor in public policy, and in his free time, he enjoys going to the gym and binging Netflix shows.

Standby Coordinator: Yash Rajpal

As social officer, Carly (’26) maintains alumni relations, coordinates uniforms, and plans events for MERT members to strengthen our community and unify our crew. Carly is studying neuroscience and outside of MERT she enjoys going on runs and FaceTiming her dog.

Social Coordinator: Carly Yang

As EMT Class Membership Officer, Rashell ('25) manages MERT's recruitment and onboarding for the students in the EMT class held through the Perelman School of Medicine, co-leads the diversity committee, and mentors new members and students in the class. Rashell is a nursing student with an interest in pediatrics, transplant, and trauma nursing. In her spare time, Rashell loves to read, hang out with friends, and play with her sister's dog.

EMT Class Membership Officer: Rashell Deras

As Reciprocity Membership Officer, Raju (‘26) manages MERT’s recruitment and onboarding process for individuals licensed as EMTs, co-leads the diversity committee, and mentors new members. Raju is studying biology with minors in biophysics and statistics, and he plans to submatriculate for a master’s in biology. In his spare time, Raju loves to read, play his trumpet, and rock climb!

Reciprocity Membership Officer: Raju Lakhani 

As CPR Officer, Carlos (C'25) coordinates CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed events within the Penn and larger West Philly community. Carlos is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. He is a member of the Penn Men's Club Volleyball team and likes to go to the beach on his home island of Puerto Rico.

CPR Officer: Carlos Méndez Cruz

As Bicycle Engineer, Jen ('25) ensures that MERT’s bikes are safe for member use, repairs equipment, and organizes bike classes for incoming members. Jen is studying Biophysics and Biology with a minor in Urban Studies. Outside of MERT, Jen enjoys playing bingo, eating cereal, and riding the SEPTA.

Bicycle Officer: Jen Guo

Dr. Joshua Glick is Penn MERT's Medical Director, ensuring that the organization continues to provide high quality care to students on campus by reviewing complicated calls and ensuring protocols are up to date. He was once the Chief of Penn MERT (a very long time ago!) and now serves as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical Director: Dr. Joshua Glick