MERT Board

A subgroup of MERT members occupy a variety of different positions which help MERT run, grow, and improve 

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As Chief, Nicole (‘23) oversees MERT's Board, represents MERT to external parties, and manages MERT's long-term goals and projects.

Chief: Nicole Da Costa

As Captain of MERT, Sylvia (‘23) oversees daily operations, exposure control, and interagency events. Sylvia studies Biochemistry and Biophysics and is submatriculating for a Master’s in Chemistry. Outside of MERT, she can either be found in lab or with Pan Asian Dance Troupe.

Captain: Sylvia Tang

As Quality Assurance Lieutenant, Ryan (‘23) reviews every call MERT receives and ensures members are continuously providing the best possible assessments, treatments, and documentation per Pennsylvania EMS protocol. He also advocates for expanding MERT’s scope of practice and helps clinically advance MERT’s members. Ryan is studying Molecular and Cell Biology with minors in Bioethics and Asian American Studies. Outside of MERT, Ryan enjoys playing the flute in the Penn Band (Join the Penn Band!), cross-stitching, and listening to musicals.

Quality Assurance Lieutenant: Ryan Sathianathen

As Administrative Director, Kenneth (‘23) oversees MERT's budget and other administrative aspects of MERT. Kenneth is studying chemistry. Outside of MERT, he likes to listen to music and go on TikTok.

Administrative Director: Kenneth Pham

As Training Lieutenant, Alex ('23) oversees MERT's weekly GBM trainings and clinical EMT skills, identifies and prepares members for advancement, and holds MERT members to our high standards of clinical competency. Alex is studying biology with minors in chemistry and healthcare management. Outside of MERT, she enjoys playing music, eating all kinds of food, and finding free things on campus.

Training Lieutenant: Alex Rizaldi

As Equipment Officer, Amelie (’24) oversees MERT's equipment to ensure that MERT offers high quality medical care to the community during every shift. Amelie is majoring in Biology and French and Francophone Studies, and in her free time, she likes to watch British TV shows, do puzzles, and cook.

Equipment Officer: Amelie Warneryd

As Outreach Officer, Julia ('24, she/her) oversees external training and outreach to the Philadelphia Community, including teaching Opioid Overdose Reversal and First Aid. Julia is studying biophysics with a minor in bioethics and chemistry. In her free time, Julia likes playing board games, taking care of her plants, and baking.

Outreach Officer: Julia Pfrommer

As CPR Coordinator, Charis (C’23) organizes CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed classes to the Penn and West Philly community. Charis is studying biology with minors in chemistry and healthcare management. Outside of MERT, you can find her café hopping, attempting to bake, or with Renewal College Fellowship.

CPR Coordinator: Charis Ma

As Internal Technology Officer, Graham ('24) manages MERT's technology, including website upkeep and call statistics. He also leads the MERgineers committee, which leads exciting tech-related projects to improve MERT, such as the MERT mobile app. Graham is majoring in biology and minoring in Chinese. Outside of MERT, he likes running and playing the saxophone.

Internal Technology Officer: Graham Branscom

As Scheduling Officer, Lauren (C’24) coordinates the staffing of all shifts working with all members to ensure MERT offers maximum high quality coverage. Lauren is majoring in Mathematics and Economics, and with any spare time can be found baking, horseback riding, and cooking with friends.

Scheduling Officer: Lauren Singer

As Disaster Response Team Officer, Randy (’24) ensures that MERT members are fully prepared to respond to a mass casualty incident (MCI) by organizing trainings and drills throughout the year. Randy is majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Healthcare Management and Chemistry. In his free time, you can find him trekking to farmers markets, yelping coffee shops, or musing on park benches.

Disaster Response Team Officer: Randy Bach

As Standby Coordinator, Catherine (’23) organizes MERT standby coverage like Penn Recreation athletic games and major University events. Catherine is studying biology with minors in healthcare management and chemistry. Outside of MERT, you can find Catherine playing badminton, solving NYT crosswords and binging kdramas.

Standby Coordinator: Catherine Chang

As social coordinator, Kira ('24) orders apparel and plans events for members in order to unify our crew. Kira is majoring in neuroscience. Outside of MERT, she enjoys reading and shopping at Trader Joe's!

Social Coordinator: Kira Lu

As Membership Officer, Max (’24) manages MERT’s recruitment process/spring EMT class, leads the diversity committee, and mentors new members. Max is studying sociology with minors in nutrition and chemistry. Outside of MERT, Max enjoys baking bread, trying new InstantPot recipes, and browsing Zillow.

Membership Officer: Max Yang

As Bicycle Engineer, Anthony (C’23) ensures that MERT’s bikes are safe for member use, repairs/restores equipment, and organizing bike classes for incoming members. Anthony is studying Neuroscience with minors in Healthcare Management and Chemistry. Outside of MERT, Anthony enjoys going for a hike, swimming, and cooking new cultural foods.

Bicycle Engineer: Anthony Bishara

Dr. Joshua Glick is Penn MERT's Medical Director, ensuring that the organization continues to provide high quality care to students on campus by reviewing complicated calls and ensuring protocols are up to date. He was once the Chief of Penn MERT (a very long time ago!) and now serves as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical Director: Dr. Joshua Glick