High priority patients receiving treatment by MERT EMTs

MERT’s Fall 2021 MCI drill

MERT held their Fall Mass Casualty Incident drill at the Chem building over the weekend with great results. With over 40 patients triaged, treated, and transported, MERT EMTs demonstrated that they would be prepared in the event of a real disaster. In attendance were representatives from the Penn Division of Public Safety, Fire and Emergency Services, Penn Police, Allied Security, and more. In addition to providing guidance and feedback, these organizations were able to bolster Read more…

MERT’s Fall MCI Tackles the Singh Center

The MERT members’ performance at the Mass Casualty Incident drill was a huge achievement! They triaged, treated, and transported patients which were dispersed over three floors in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology. This was their most effective response to date. Some of the patients and observers included members of Fire and Emergency Services, Facilities, Department of Emergency Medicine, Penn Police Officers, Penn Facilities and Real Estate Services, Temple University EMS, School of Engineering, the Medical Read more…

Hands-Only CPR Event Great Success!

At the Division of Public Safety’s annual PennReady event, a major focus was Life-saving measures and CPR. MERT, in collaboration with the UPHS Mobile CPR Project, led over 75 bystanders and community in practicing hands-only CPR. MERT always appreciates the chance to work with the Division of Public Safety and our community partners. To host a CPR and AED class with MERT,┬ácomplete the contact form on the website.